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        Thank you so much for doing my master bedroom closet. I just wanted to tell you I keep going in there and it really is calming!  It makes me smile. Who would think a closet would make me smile? I laughed when you first told me the reason we should throw out my multi-colored plastic hangers and get matching ones was because it’s so calming, but it’s true!  Even for me!
You are making such a difference and I appreciate it so much.


My closet and dresser drawers were a complete disaster, with clothes overflowing and unorganized, but Stephanie showed me some amazing techniques on how to make everything neat and organized! I do not have a big closet, but now it feels bigger because of how organized it is! Loved the way she was able to help me get my room the way I wanted it! Now every time I walk in my room I am so happy because it is organized and no longer an added chaos! I am so thankful that Stephanie was able to help me with this huge task! If you ever need help organizing, she’s your girl!


Stephanie at Spaciously Organized is so good at helping to not only declutter the home but she is so helpful in walking you through mentally decluttering and distinguishing what items are best to keep and what to donate. She is not pushy but respectful in helping to sort through personal items. Having her organize my closet and kitchen really has made a difference in my sanity and I actually want to keep my belongings in order now!


I cannot believe what a difference Stephanie has made in only 2 visits to my house! I had a large closet over flowing and crazy unorganized and lets not even talk about the crazy master bedroom! We now have a peaceful bedroom and a highly organized closet. The processes she uses are amazing, she is truly a miracle worker. If you ever need help organizing I highly recommend Spaciously Organized! I cannot wait for the next projects we have planned.


       The transformation of our kitchen by Spaciously Organized is incredible! We do not have a large space for our pantry but Stephanie showed me how to make the most of the space we have! She gave me so many good tips and now everything has its assigned spot. My husband and I have been trying to declutter and organize the house before the birth of our new baby on the way and Stephanie made our kitchen space so easy for us! We are so incredibly thankful for Stephanie’s help!


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